Body Weight Exercises for Runners to Build Strength

Have you ever struggled during a run and thought to yourself (or maybe even said out loud), “I wish this was easier!”? Well, you can run more comfortably and efficiently by doing some simple strengthening moves a few times a week. These exercises will make you stronger and improve your […]

How Fast Should Your Easy Runs Be?

Logically, it would make sense that pushing your easy run pace as close to race pace as possible would help you get fitter quicker and ultimately run faster. You might think that the harder you work the better you get, right? Yet, most good coaches will tell you to run slow on your easy days and your easy running cadence should be the same as your other runs.

The Most Important Requirement of Training

The most important requirement of training to optimize your performance is: Training = Stress + Rest This formula is simple for both the runner and coach, but hardest to accept by most runners. Athletes do not like to accept that their improvements come during the body’s recovery, not during the […]